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The internet essays about life at Horseradish Farm have been collected in this new book from Winterberry Publications.

Seasons, Surmises, Surprises, Reflections

There is much to be learned from life in the country. The essays from Horseradish Farm attempt to capture the essence of the journey.

“It wasn’t until we reached the top of the mountain that we could see the whole panorama of our little world laid out as neatly as an illustration in a child’s book: the familiar geography of village, bay, ridgeline and blueberry fields, the long arm of the peninsula, the grey and white undulations of roads and the quicksilver shimmer of the ponds, fields falling to granite ledge, the barely perceptible fingering of the surf along the shore, and island after island marching out to the open sea. For one dizzying moment I felt as if I could feel the motion of the earth as it swung slowly around; could see the curve of the earth along the horizon where the bright blue of the sky met the indefinable blue of the ocean; could hear the voice of the earth in the wind as it stirred the twinkling birch leaves and tossed the heavy aromatic boughs of the pines.

“There’s our house, Mommy!” my daughter cried, pointing in the general direction of our village. Of course we were too far away to see it, but somewhere, nestled in a tiny hollow behind the woods in the fold of a hill along the road and above the sea, was the place we call home.” – Introduction to Horseradish Farm


About Horseradish Farm the Washington Post Online said: “Despite the rocky soil and cold climate, Maine is home to many farms. If you’re wondering what it’s like to move from the city to the country, read this excellent…diary about life on a rural farm.”

Horseradish Farm was chosen for inclusion in “Some of Our Favorite Sites” by the Portland Press Herald Online.

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